Benefits of Honey When Pregnant

Is honey safe to be consumed by pregnant mothers? What are the correct ways to use honey for pregnant mothers?

Based on the experience of mothers who consumed honey during pregnancy, honey is safe to be taken and in addition, it has nutrition content that are good for them too.

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Honey can reduce nausea feeling during pregnancy, especially in the morning (aka. morning sickness). For best effect, take honey before going to sleep every day.

Honey is also able to maintain immunity to diseases during pregnancy. It is not uncommon for pregnant mothers to flu more often because their immune system is weaker during this time. By taking honey, the anti-bacterial content is capable to support the immune system of pregnant mothers.

Moreover, honey can help avoid constipation, a common problem faced by pregnant mothers. The fiber and anti-bacterial content in honey help to keep the digestion system of pregnant mothers healthy.

Other benefits of honey when pregnant include promoting better sleep, supplying energy and preventing hypertension.