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How to Test Pure Honey

Pure honey or fake honey? That is probably the main question in your mind when buying honey.

Is it true that fake honey does exist in the market today (possibly due to high demand for certain types of honey such as royal jelly). However, you may face a more common issue in differentiating pure honey and impure honey. Impure honey is honey that contains high level of moisture or added with artificial sugar.

For those who believes in the benefits of honey, one of the challenges is to obtain supply of high quality pure honey. Consuming impure honey not only waste your money, but also bring health problems.

Therefore, knowledge and experience in methods of differentiating pure and impure honey is very important. For pure honey, methods below can also help you in determining the quality of honey.

  • Pure honey does not harden when stored in the fridge. Honey that hardens in the fridge does necessarily means it is fake, but this shows that the honey contains high moisture content and this indicates low quality honey. Pure honey sometimes contain unusually high level of moisture due to weather and the packaging process.
  • Pure honey does not attract ants. Strange, but true! Honey is the only sweet thing that ants dislike. Impure honey almost always contains added sugar and will attract ants.
  • Pure honey will clump in water. Sesudu madu asli yang dituangkan di dalam air (tanpa dikacau) akan mengumpal dan jatuh di dasar air. Madu palsu akan bercampur dengan air (sebanyak mana bergantung kepada kandungan air di dalamnya).
  • Pure honey flow does not break. When pure honey is poured, it will form a flow that become thinner as it flows down. For pure honey, this flow does not break. Impure honey (or pure honey with high moisture content) breaks frequently in its flow.
  • Royal jelly is usually fake. Royal jelly that is sold in large quantity is usually fake. If someone comes up to your and offer to sell you royal jelly on the street, they are usually fake. Firstly, royal jelly is usually harvested in very small quantity and rarely fills up a bottle. This is the reason why products that contains just a few grams of royal jelly is highly priced. Secondly, royal jelly needs to be stored in cool area because its nutrition content is sensitive to temperature. This is why royal jelly is not suitable to be sold on the street.
  • Pure honey has certification. This may not be the best method to determine the pureness of honey, but if you are used to shop for honey in the supermarket, choose honey that has certifications like Kosher, Organic, UMR┬« (for manuka honey only).
  • Pure honey will cook egg yolk without heat. This method is almost a legend because not many has seen it happened, even using pure honey. This is because only really fresh honey contains active enzymes that are capable of ‘cooking’ egg yolks. If you do come across honey that can ‘cook’ egg yolk, you can be sure that the honey is really pure and fresh!
  • Pure honey has a specific sugar composition. The most accurate method to test pure honey is with a lab test. Pure honey has a glucose and fructose composition ratio between 0.30 – 1.35 only. Impure honey does not have this ratio.

Benefits of Honey When Pregnant

Is honey safe to be consumed by pregnant mothers? What are the correct ways to use honey for pregnant mothers?

Based on the experience of mothers who consumed honey during pregnancy, honey is safe to be taken and in addition, it has nutrition content that are good for them too.

Please see article : Benefits of Honey for Children

Honey can reduce nausea feeling during pregnancy, especially in the morning (aka. morning sickness). For best effect, take honey before going to sleep every day.

Honey is also able to maintain immunity to diseases during pregnancy. It is not uncommon for pregnant mothers to flu more often because their immune system is weaker during this time. By taking honey, the anti-bacterial content is capable to support the immune system of pregnant mothers.

Moreover, honey can help avoid constipation, a common problem faced by pregnant mothers. The fiber and anti-bacterial content in honey help to keep the digestion system of pregnant mothers healthy.

Other benefits of honey when pregnant include promoting better sleep, supplying energy and preventing hypertension.

Benefits of Honey for Weight Loss

Is it true that honey can help weight loss? How to use honey for weight loss?

The answer for questions above : Yes, but it depends on your overall diet.

Honey contains nutrients such as minerals and amino acids that helps with metabolisme of fat in the body. However, just by adding honey in your daily diet is not result in weight loss. To effectively reduce weight, you have to replace regular sugar intake with honey.

The replacement step is important because regular basically turns into fat when it is not used by the body. Not only that, metabolizing regular sugar also depletes the body from mineral dan amino acids nutrients contained in honey. This reduces that same nutrients from being used for metabolizing body fat. Therefore, the continuous intake of regular sugar with honey may eventually result in increased body weight.

In contrast, honey contains easy-to-digest sugar such as fructose, glucose and maltose. Honey is also packed with energy, important to those who are on diet so they would feel energized whole day and stop they from taking fatty foods.

In addition, honey makes makes diet food tastier compared to diet food that is totally sugarless. This makes the process of losing weight more confortable and increases the chances in continuing your effort!

A research from Waikato University in Hamilton, New Zealand could illustrate the benefits of honey in weight loss more clearly. In the study, 3 groups of rats are fed 3 types of food – sugarless food, food mixed with regular sugar and food mixed with honey. In the result, rats that ate food mixed with regular sugar gained the most weight, whereas the weight of rats which ate sugarless food and food mixed with sugar is almost the same! This shows that honey can help with weight loss and at the same time, makes your diet food tastier and more nutritious.

So, what are you waiting for? Start your diet today by simply by replacing regular sugar with honey. Your will enjoy every bit of your diet.

Types of Honey

Tualang Honey

Tualang Honey is honey taken from bee’s nest on tualang tree in the jungle. Tualang tree usually grows very tall in thick forest.

Tualang Honey is believed to be produced by honey bees in the forest that collect nectar from various wild flowers (poliflora). This is the reason many believe this honey contains extremely high beneficial value compared to other common honey.

In addition, tualang honey bees nest is difficult to find because a honey harvestor has to travel deep into the forest. Even after it is found, the nest usually sits on a very high branch of the tualang tree. The arduous effort involved in harvesting tualang honey makes it a much sought-after honey and can fetch a very high price in the market.

Sidr Honey @ Yemen Honey

Sidr Honey is the world’s most expensive honey originating from Yemen. The benefits of sidr honey is said to be highest in value and also highest medicinal value.

Sidr treeSidr honey is produced in Hadramaut Mountains, Peninsular Arab that is still free from pollution. Sidr honey bees collect nectar only from sidr trees (monoflora). Sidr trees in Yemen is believed to be the oldest trees in the world. Almost all parts of the this tree are used by the locals for health benefits due to its high beneficial value.

Therefore, sidr honey which originates from sidr tree also has high nutrition content and medicinal value, compared to other types of honey. Sidr honey is very potent in curing liver, digestion and respiratory diseases, as an aphrodisiac and a very effective antioxidant and antibacterial substance.

Royal Jelly

Royal Jelly, also known as the Bee’s Milk due to its yellowish white color that looks like milk. This type of honey is one of the rarest and usually produced only in small quantities (up to a few hundred grams only).

Royal jelly is the honey consumed by the bees nest’s queen. The queen bee is bigger in size, has longer life and the only bee in the nest that can has reproduction ability. These are the reasons why many believe that royal jelly can also has the same effect on humans.

However, royal jelly is highly sensitive to temperature and does not last long. Therefore, the production of this honey for human use has to be done fresh and is usually refrigerated.

Propolis Honey

Propolis Honey is not really a honey from flowers, but is produced from nectar of trees. This nectar is discharged from trees to protect the bark and is also used by the bees to protect their nest. So, it is not surprising that propolis means ‘protector of the city’ in Greek.

Madu propolis kaya dengan antibiotik flavonoid dan pengambilannya boleh meningkatan daya tahan penyakit.

There are 2 types of propolis honey – green and brown. Green propolis honey is usually found in Brazil.

Manuka Honey

Manuka Honey is honey imported from New Zealand. Manuka Honey is produced by honey bees living near manuka trees (Leptospermum scoparium), in unpolluted suburbs of New Zealand with its clean and fresh air.

Therefore, manuka honey bees collect nectar from one type of flower only (monoflora). This honey is collected from the wild and some is produced from cultivated honey bees.

Manuka honey is popular in the international market because of its high anti-bacterial content. This anti-bacterial content is called Unique Manuka Factor (UMF) and manuka honey products are measure according to the level of UMF content. UMF 10 to 16 is the recommended level for manuka honey that can be used therapeutics usage. Please refer to Unique Manuka Factor® Honey Association for more information.

Trigona Honey

Trigona Honey is produce by trigona bees – a type of bees which is small in size (the size of a fly). Trigona bees nest is usually found in between the roots or in a tree stump, near the land surface (unlike normal bees nest, which up on a tree).

Trigona bees nestTrigon honey is usually lighter in color compared to common forest honey and has a slight sour taste. The quantity harvested from each nest is also lesser compared to common bees nest – usually less than a bottle. Most trigona honey is natural resource mainly from Malaysia and Indonesia.

Benefits of trigona honey include increasing body metabolisme, as an aphrodisiac, maintaining beauty, strengthening women who just gave birth, and curing various diseases and internal injuries.

Benefits of Honey

Benefits of Honey are often discussed in health topics. This article explains the benefits of honey in general.

Other than that, there are some types of honey that has higher beneficial content compared to other honey – such as tualang honey, royal jelly and propolis honey. Please see Types of Honey topic to understand the benefits of honey specific to the type of honey.

Benefits of Honey can be categorize according to its function in our body.

Skin, Hair and Eyes
  • Makes hair and eyes more healthy and shinier.
  • Helps with brighter and clearer eye sight.
  • Accelerates the healing process for damaged skin when applied on, and protects from bacteria infection (see Manuka Honey).
  • Promotes healthier, smoother and younger-looking skin. Forget about beauty pills because the habit of taking honey can achieve natural beauty without hurting your body.
Digestion System
  • Strengthens digestion system and resistance to food-poisoning.
  • Eases bowel movement.
Breathing and Throat
  • Effective to relieve lasting cough.
  • Strengthen breathing and reduces asthma attack.
Body Energy
  • Energize body of pregnant women. Unlike certain medication which cannot be taken during pregnancy, honey is a natural energy food that is suitable for pregnant mothers.
  • Source of alternative sugar for kidney patients and diabetics. Continued intake of honey can help to control the glucose level in blood.
  • Restores energy after menstruation or after prolonged diarrhea.
  • Supplies energy whole day and reduces fat intake (please see : Benefits of Honey for Weight Loss).
Food Nutrition
  • Rich in mineral and natural sugar that is easy to digest.
  • Promotes the absorption of calcium in the body.
  • Natural fiber suitable for any situation.

There are hundreds of benefits from honey. As food, cure or health supplement, honey can be beneficial to anyone.