Benefits of Honey for Weight Loss

Is it true that honey can help weight loss? How to use honey for weight loss?

The answer for questions above : Yes, but it depends on your overall diet.

Honey contains nutrients such as minerals and amino acids that helps with metabolisme of fat in the body. However, just by adding honey in your daily diet is not result in weight loss. To effectively reduce weight, you have to replace regular sugar intake with honey.

The replacement step is important because regular basically turns into fat when it is not used by the body. Not only that, metabolizing regular sugar also depletes the body from mineral dan amino acids nutrients contained in honey. This reduces that same nutrients from being used for metabolizing body fat. Therefore, the continuous intake of regular sugar with honey may eventually result in increased body weight.

In contrast, honey contains easy-to-digest sugar such as fructose, glucose and maltose. Honey is also packed with energy, important to those who are on diet so they would feel energized whole day and stop they from taking fatty foods.

In addition, honey makes makes diet food tastier compared to diet food that is totally sugarless. This makes the process of losing weight more confortable and increases the chances in continuing your effort!

A research from Waikato University in Hamilton, New Zealand could illustrate the benefits of honey in weight loss more clearly. In the study, 3 groups of rats are fed 3 types of food – sugarless food, food mixed with regular sugar and food mixed with honey. In the result, rats that ate food mixed with regular sugar gained the most weight, whereas the weight of rats which ate sugarless food and food mixed with sugar is almost the same! This shows that honey can help with weight loss and at the same time, makes your diet food tastier and more nutritious.

So, what are you waiting for? Start your diet today by simply by replacing regular sugar with honey. Your will enjoy every bit of your diet.