How to Test Pure Honey

Pure honey or fake honey? That is probably the main question in your mind when buying honey.

Is it true that fake honey does exist in the market today (possibly due to high demand for certain types of honey such as royal jelly). However, you may face a more common issue in differentiating pure honey and impure honey. Impure honey is honey that contains high level of moisture or added with artificial sugar.

For those who believes in the benefits of honey, one of the challenges is to obtain supply of high quality pure honey. Consuming impure honey not only waste your money, but also bring health problems.

Therefore, knowledge and experience in methods of differentiating pure and impure honey is very important. For pure honey, methods below can also help you in determining the quality of honey.

  • Pure honey does not harden when stored in the fridge. Honey that hardens in the fridge does necessarily means it is fake, but this shows that the honey contains high moisture content and this indicates low quality honey. Pure honey sometimes contain unusually high level of moisture due to weather and the packaging process.
  • Pure honey does not attract ants. Strange, but true! Honey is the only sweet thing that ants dislike. Impure honey almost always contains added sugar and will attract ants.
  • Pure honey will clump in water. Sesudu madu asli yang dituangkan di dalam air (tanpa dikacau) akan mengumpal dan jatuh di dasar air. Madu palsu akan bercampur dengan air (sebanyak mana bergantung kepada kandungan air di dalamnya).
  • Pure honey flow does not break. When pure honey is poured, it will form a flow that become thinner as it flows down. For pure honey, this flow does not break. Impure honey (or pure honey with high moisture content) breaks frequently in its flow.
  • Royal jelly is usually fake. Royal jelly that is sold in large quantity is usually fake. If someone comes up to your and offer to sell you royal jelly on the street, they are usually fake. Firstly, royal jelly is usually harvested in very small quantity and rarely fills up a bottle. This is the reason why products that contains just a few grams of royal jelly is highly priced. Secondly, royal jelly needs to be stored in cool area because its nutrition content is sensitive to temperature. This is why royal jelly is not suitable to be sold on the street.
  • Pure honey has certification. This may not be the best method to determine the pureness of honey, but if you are used to shop for honey in the supermarket, choose honey that has certifications like Kosher, Organic, UMR┬« (for manuka honey only).
  • Pure honey will cook egg yolk without heat. This method is almost a legend because not many has seen it happened, even using pure honey. This is because only really fresh honey contains active enzymes that are capable of ‘cooking’ egg yolks. If you do come across honey that can ‘cook’ egg yolk, you can be sure that the honey is really pure and fresh!
  • Pure honey has a specific sugar composition. The most accurate method to test pure honey is with a lab test. Pure honey has a glucose and fructose composition ratio between 0.30 – 1.35 only. Impure honey does not have this ratio.